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Public Engagement
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Negotiation Mastery Circle

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Conflict Management, Public Engagement

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“I work with professionals developing their negotiation mastery and leadership strength. I do this through hosting transformative workshops, coaching, professional speaking and writing.”
“This will take time. This will take strength of character. This will take leadership. If you are wise, creative, curious and far sighted, step forward. Now is When.”
“Consider that all the expertise and experience we each have may not be enough to effectively and successfully deal with the great challenges we face today as individuals, families, organizations, professions and nations. Consider the collective wisdom that is possible from a circle of diverse perspectives and interests coming together to listen, understand, speak, generate and co-create breakthrough solutions.”


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"Our collective future is what we choose to make it. The time has come to reaffirm our belief in ourselves and our community. Our differences need not divide us. In fact, our diversity should be our greatest strength, not our enduring weakness." Manjak

We Go Creation

  • In an increasingly short term, task oriented and competitive industry, how can we encourage more creative, inclusive and “big picture” ways of thinking?
  • While telephone calls and email communications are at times good things, how can we encourage effective face to face two way communication?
  • In this time of stricter corporate governance for executives and directors dealing with an ever increasingly complex industry, can we find approaches that will maximize productive endeavours and minimize resources and opportunities lost on conflict?
  • If greater than 95% of conflicts in our industry are resolved by employees, management and advisors, then why are there not a broader range of tools and processes available to those professionals?
  • If greater than 95% of the company to company conflicts are not within the mandates of the  government/ regulatory boards, then do we why keep looking to them for solutions?
  • If greater than 95% of cases before the court are settled out of court, then why focus on adversarial legal positioning for the 5%?
  • How much shareholder value is lost due to avoidance, failure to explore alternatives and failure to identify mutual gains?  
  • I am a very experienced professional whom time after time runs into the same types of negotiation barriers, delays and conflicts. Are there other approaches I may employ to improve my effectiveness and expand my career opportunities?

David B. Savage (Savage Management Ltd.) brings his unique combination of;

  • 35 years in oil and gas negotiations & leadership,
  • 18 years in appropriate dispute resolution,
  • 4 years in executive coaching,
  • Facilitation and Convening skills, plus
  • Individual and organizational tendencies awareness

to assist your organization to assess the situation, prepare to negotiate, understand the other side(s) as well as (or better than) they understand themselves, find the key levers, create outcome far exceeding what is the current challenge, create accountability and build better sustainable business relationships.